Tattoos 4 Life

Being a Libra and carrying the same personality is a fortune worth of bet. Libra = Balance, Peacefulness. I am exactly what my sign says. My personality is very calm and composed. A huge introvert and trying to conquer the world with actions than just words. Doing this assignment was super interesting because it actually makes you think of the words to describe your personality and character in a dense context.


I figured that I am what my zodiac symbolizes. Buddha is a perfect example of what my character is like and I am very much in terms with it.

2 thoughts on “Tattoos 4 Life”

    1. I could imagine getting a smaller version of this since it represents my personality in a lot of ways. I am not sure where but definitely not arm. Perhaps the upper waist side or under the shoulder blade. I think it’s beautiful in a huge context.

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