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This past week was the rematch that was years in the making Bisping vs Henderson 2. Michael Bisping who I have been a fan of since I started watching MMA, is the UFC Middleweight Champion having chased the title for years. He beat the former champion Luke Rockhold by knockout at UFC 199, in what was considered the biggest upset of the year. People criticized the decision to have Bisping face Dan Henderson at UFC 204, but the tickets sold out in six minutes!! The fight took place in Manchester, England in Bisping hometown and it had my heart pumping.

In their first fight Henderson brutally knocked out Bisping with a overhand right at UFC 100, which is famously known as the H-Bomb. Henderson has scary knockout power, that he puts fear in the eyes of his opponents. One direct hit and it usually puts your lights out. At 46 years old and at the end of his career, he had the opportunity to fight Bisping at UFC 204. This was a dangerous fight for Bisping, because Henderson had nothing to lose as this was his last fight of his career.

The fight was great and very unpredictable. Henderson would drop Bisping in the first round, which had me in shock that Henderson was going to recreate history. Bisping bloodied came out in the second round strong taking it to Henderson, but was dropped again by Henderson. Bisping not giving up, kept to the game plan and went right after Henderson in the third and fourth round. In the fifth round, in what would determine who would win I felt Bisping had took the round.

Other people feel Henderson had won the fifth round, but it would be Bisping that would win the fight by decision. I don’t feel the fight was controversial like many others may feel, Bisping overcame adversity early on to retain his belt. He showed the heart of a champion and proved why he is one of the best. Henderson had his best fight in years and he had a great career in MMA. Both of these fighters will be Hall of Famers, but Bisping would get his revenge at UFC 204.

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