My sad domain story

After much thought of a domain name i came up with “” but turns out someone else has that name.  I really just wanted to be original 🙁 I’m really bad at deciding what cereal to eat each morning I really don’t know how everyone picked a domain name so easily.

4 thoughts on “My sad domain story”

  1. Picking a name is really hard especially if it’s for something like a domain. My domain name was which is a play on words since I used a c instead of k for okay. I use the word “Cay” for many of my usernames so I decided that it should be a part of the domain name. I didn’t know what could be a domain name so I literally put words showing uncertainty in the name. My domain name isn’t very creative though and I don’t think it has to be. For originality, there’s only one of every domain name so any name you choose is original. I hope you can decide on a domain name.

      1. I never thought of .net or org
        I guess it’s because I’m so used to hearing .com having a domain with .net sounds different so I will try it ! Thank you

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