i still need to get my site up!

hey there… so uh when it comes to this weeks work, i cant do much considering i don’t even have my own domain site which is pretty frusterationg as the link shown on WordPress installation is kinda useless at the moment cause of two reasons 1. i don’t have my own domain and 2. the tutorial video on youtube doesn’t even have a link in the description i can use so it leaves me stuck with nothing to do! and its got me like:


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  1. Sorry to hear that. If you still need help, the site we used was Reclaimhosting.com. From there, you need to go to products and then to shared hosting. There should be an option for students where you can sign up. Don’t worry about the 25$/year since the course fee covers it. After selecting it, you should be able to choose your domain name. After you’ve checked availability and seen that it’s not taken, enter all the information it asks for authentically. Make sure you don’t use .us for the domain because of security issues. After that, you can enter the coupon code which I don’t quite remember at this moment. It may have been York2016, but either way you select the invoice option. Then you have your domain. I’m sorry I don’t remember the coupon code. This is all I can help with. After you create a domain, install wordpress by following Professor Smith’s video. Good luck.

    1. Hey thanks so much for chiming in with support about the process. Dscays is basically right about everything, he’s in my section which is a week ahead due to the funky schedule with holidays. You’re in Ryan Seslow’s section so you’ll go over the process this Friday. He’ll have the coupon code for getting your account setup on Reclaim Hosting.

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