My MMA Highlight of the Week

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This past week seen a huge underdog Brandon Moreno submit Louis Smolka. Smolka is ranked number nine in the UFC’s Flyweight division and was a heavy favorite going into the fight. To stack the odds against Moreno even more, he took the fight on short notice and it was his debut. In the beginning of the first round, Moreno was able to stand and box with Smolka.

Smolka would try to get a single leg takedown on Moreno, which gave Moreno the chance to grab the neck of smolka for the guillotine.  Once Moreno had the choke sunk in, Smolka was done for. It these moments that make watching MMA exciting, because anything can happen. Moreno would also get fifty thousand dollars for submission of the night, which is amazing considering it was his first fight in the UFC.

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