My Biased NFL Highlight of Week 4

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My week 4 NFL highlight of the week is a biased one. I am a die hard Oakland Raiders fan and they are starting off the season 3-1. This season is looking very good for the Raiders, because right now they have the potential to make it into the playoffs. They haven’t been to the playoffs in years, so it’s a great time to be a Raiders fan. In this highlight in a close game, Derek Carr throws a deep pass to Michael Crabtree to beat the Ravens. Derek Carr has already passed for 1000 yards and has nine touchdowns. IT’S ONLY WEEK 4. Carr could start being considered for an MVP level season, if he keeps this up.


One thought on “My Biased NFL Highlight of Week 4”

  1. It’s a good thing for me because i have Derek Carr on my fantasy team as well as Amari Cooper. Should tell Derek to swing some touchdown passes to Cooper for me lol. I’m a hugh ram’s fan my team also 3-1 baby.

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