These Copyright Rules Are “Overratedddddd”

Watching the disney mashup I don’t agree with how copyright works, or was working. The 14 year rule honestly doesn’t make any sense. Its an insult to one’s art or work when you claim that “after 14 years this work is up for grabs!”. My opinion is that once you publish your work, it should never be able to be stolen, even after you die.

Although I disagree with the copyright rules. I don’t think that everything should be labeled “copyright infringement”. A person playing a song on youtube behind their video doesn’t mean they want to “steal” the song. Deeming acts “copyright” should go through an ethics committee before accusing an innocent person for playing a song

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  1. One thing to consider is that the mashup itself. Is it copyright infringement? Is it fair use?

    As well, you should think about the owner of the copyright. Who’s right’s are being defended in a copyright infringement case? Is it the artist’s? Is it the corporation’s? Who should own the rights to a work the publisher that pays overhead costs of distribution? Or the artist? Or a bit of both?

    If the artist as part of their contract with the publisher had to sign away their control over their rights do you think that they might want the copyright to be shorter? Why or why not?

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