Photoshop Part 2

drakevaas For this Photoshop edit I added the character Vaas from Far Cry 3 into the Uncharted 4 picture. So it really fits because Uncharted 4 has a piracy theme and Vaas is an actual pirate. He’s one of my favorite video game antagonists and Nathan Drake is one of my favorite video game protagonists so I think it would be very interesting if they were in the same game. They could definitely mash the two characters somehow. Maybe Nathan Drake could get stranded on Vaas’s island on one of his treasure hunts. Anyway I had to change the coloring and sizing of Vaas so it could look more realistic.

One thought on “Photoshop Part 2”

  1. I think the color correction was very successful. You should make some screen shots of you process and share them in a post! And think about linking to these various characters and games so we can read about them beyond your post.

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