Panorama Drama

18615At first, it was very complicated. Nailing the panorama trick wasn’t the easiest thing; its harder especially when you have four students that wanted to go above and beyond to make this work. In the first picture, we found that it was easier to duck and pop up on the other side rather than running around the camera man which wasted time. When blocking(staging things before they happen to see how they would play out) for the second picture, our original plan was to capture 3 of the same person on different steps. We later came up with the idea to put our model on both sides of the staircase to create a flawless illusion. The third panorama is my favorite and one of the first we took.We attempted to capture 3 scenes but it came out really nice and quite impressive. In all, I really enjoyed this type of work. I was a bit hesitant at first but it ended up being very fun. I look forward to more group work like this that is stimulating and academic at the same time 

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  1. Thanks for the “duck and pop-up” tip. I’ll have to try it. And I really like the stairwell one. The lighting is excellent, and it’s composition is great given its contained space.

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