There was a time in my life growing up as an only child, That I had big hopes and dreams of what my life would be like. While going to high school and then onto college. In high school I was on the track team, basketball team and handball team.  And I was the only girl that was allowed to practice with the boys team, for at that time the girl did not offer too much of a challenge for me, Yes I was the all around tomboy. And then reality set in. MY PARENTS, mostly my mom.  Very over protective being the only child and a girl. While other teammates were going to the games to compete I did not. And do not get me started on the parties. So I became very rebellious. But I knew my boundaries to a certain extent.

Then I started thinking about college. Then I found out college was not an option for me.  There wasn’t any college money for me. They bought  a house.  Well I was thankful for a place to live but I wanted to go away to college. Picture that. So instead I made sure that I  finished high school. Since neither of my parents finished junior high or high school, that was something that I had to do. So  then I decided to do what I wanted to do, which went against everything my parents wanted for me. But they still loved me.

In between doing everything I wanted I finally decided to go to college on my own.  And obtained my A.A.S degree in Business Management. Upon completion I was hired by Queensborough Community College and worked in the admissions until they laid me off. But two weeks later I started at the main office of admissions for the City University of New York. But while I was at Queensborough Community  College I met a lady whose name Dean M. Keizs. Who is now the President of York College. And now I am back in college trying to go for my Bachelors degree. Better late than never. Only now I have the forces of the universe and if it can happen it will happen.

But I am not going to let it stop me. I am a survivor and in this to win it.

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