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So I’m currently stuck in the middle between 2 domain names. The first domain name that I like is “”. The reason why I like this domain name Alot is because my life is still loading and is still exploring new things. Also my life hasn’t reached 100% just yet. Also the 97 at the end is the year which I was born in. Also my favorite basketball player D’angelo Russell uses that same word “loading” for his social media usernames. The other domain name that I also like is “”. Ever since I started with social media every username i’ve made was kingisa97. Even my PSN name is kingisa97. It’s just one of those names that has stuck wth me for a very long time. Isa if you were wondering is my last name. Just like Pikachu in the GIF i’m always on my cellphone.


One thought on “My domain name”

  1. I like the connection to 97%. The idea that you feel you’re getting there, really close but not quiet there. Or we could all use a little improvement. Maybe a little more word play could make that more explicit. A loading 97, doesn’t specifically say that vs “loading at 97 percent” or something else. But that may not be your taste and that’s totally fine!

    Glad you have a couple you like!

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