Copy Rights

The article that I decided to write my reflection post on was “Twitter suspended Deadspin and SBNation’s accounts for sharing NFL GIFs”. The reason why I choose this article is because I’m a big football fan and also because I use twitter to help me keep up to date with the latest sports news. I found this article very interesting because I know a lot of people that I follow that post football highlights  on twitter. I also noticed that when they post on twitter it is never in a GIF format but usually in a vine or a youtube video format. I haven’t got my twitter account suspended every since I’ve been a user.

“Twitter has over 200 content publishers like Fox, MTV and FX signed up to its Amplify program, and with the launch of its new ad service to better monetize video on its platform, it could spells trouble for the millions of users who tweet clips and memes from TV shows, movies and other copyrighted content”. I found this statement in the article very interesting because overtime we tweet now we have to be careful that we aren’t violating any term twitter has set.


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