Shades of Miley

For this project, I chose to blend in a celebrity’s picture with another one. So I chose Miley Cyrus as a celebrity and blended her face with that of a hand portrait. I had to use 3 different apps to develop 4 different shades of pictures. I first took a picture of a hand portrait of my friend’s and photoshoped it in Adobe. And using Photolab, I put Miley Cyrus’s picture in the portrait and blended in by cutting out the edges. Then I changed the color of the background and smoothened it by using airbrush. I then had to use Prisma and I chose different themes to come up with 4 variant pictures to make it colorful. 7fc629f4-29aa-445a-ad91-563e5889ae40The first theme I chose was black and white to make it look very naturally done.

img_20160922_104214_processed-2Secondly, I gave it a very watercolor painting look and smoothened the curves of the hands.

img_20160922_104334_processed-2This was a ‘Candy’ theme in the Prisma app. I chose this to highlight more on her facial features and bring them out more in the picture than anything else.

img_20160922_104312_processed-2Lastly, I gave it a very rusty look that brings out the diminishing eyes and narrates a story within itself.

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