I need a domain name!


It’s time to choose a domain name that can represent your digital self. You can’t (and shouldn’t) pick just anything. It has to be unique and available. It should be relevant – it could be based on your real name, a nickname, just something meaningful to you.

You will need to search for its availability using a domain registrar and you can pick from a number of different ‘top level domains (TLD)’ – for example .com, .net, .us, and .org – then you can have mypersonalsite.net. If you’d like to try to do something clever you can work with a TLD like .es and create a ‘domain name hack,’ in which the entire domain makes up a word for example – sleepswiththefish.es. Here’s a little additional advice as well as examples of students picking domain names from ds106.us.

Write a blog post about the domain name that you found and how you chose it. Also describe how you think you might use your site that you’ll be working on throughout the remainder of the semester.

Will you use it in ways Audrey Watter described? Will you continue to post work for this class but on your site? Will you develop a particular project for you site (photo blog, resource, writing project, etc.)? Give it your best shot to describe it and connect your choice to the domain name you’re planning to use.

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