I am… Omnipresent

She’s… she’s everywhere!

Oh, yes. Yes… I am omnipresent.

Today my classmates and I had a fun time experimenting with Panorama. In one of our photos, you see me (a double, actually) standing on the left. In the middle there are two of us, and then a trio on the right. It’s as if I had three clones of myself lurking around campus and befriending everyone. Well, I’ll never actually ever be cloned… but that would be awesome, wouldn’t it? I must say cloning effects with Panorama is the coolest thing I’ve learned this week. As I browsed the internet for more information on the topic, I found this cool Epic Clone Action Video! It’s pretty awesome. And, of course, there’s a tutorial – Adobe After Effects 25 Minute Advanced Cloning Tutorial – but it’s way above my level of expertise.



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