How many effects does it take?

This picture of my favorite bridge at sunset comes alive with the blur effect on glitche` a photo editing app.In all honesty, my first reaction to this app was that it’s a bit confusing but it is sort of just like a new phone you have to play around with it to be used to it.  What I liked about it was that it had the Gif option already on the app its self so all you had to do was create the moving image to it.  img_3749 This one below is a video i created by also using two effects from the Glitche` app. It was originally in video format i used photoshop to be able to post this on the blog.

2 thoughts on “How many effects does it take?”

    1. I love this app! it has very intricating filters and the video filters are really cool too best $2.00 spent! Thank you

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