DS 106 assignment I would like to learn “Period Piece Mashup”

The DS106 assignment that i would like to learn is the period pieace mashup. The reason for this is because the concept seems to be interesting. To take two different movies of two different time periods and create something new is an innervating assignment and forces you to be creative.   27442498160_b1f973b490_z

Here is a picture of the tool that the creater of he assignment used. Abigail O used the media editing tool I movie to cut and edit the movie and merge the two files together. So that is what i would have to use to do the same thing a movie editing application to edit the movie to how I feet. The assignment seems simple enough the only thing that you would need is time to get the kind of final cut you want. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/period-piece-mashup/

Here is the link to the assignment if you are also interesting in doing it

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