Choosing a domain name is honestly more difficult than deciding on the content of my website. I wanted something to fully summarize what my site is about and it’s content. So after a good amount of thinking time, I decided to use the name of the youtube account my friends & I had made a while back, which focused on everything I wanted to put on this site. So I’m using the name in homage to our youtube account, which has been absent due to school.

The name I’m choosing is or which is going to be focused around pop culture, from music, art, style, entertaiment, etc. For the Renaissance period in the 14th century and of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1930s was a rebirth of all things art, culture, & social aspects. Being in New York as a youth, I’m exposed to many things all pertaining to such, and I have taken a huge interest and I just wanted to share the world my interest through thoughts.

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