Creating a Game Of Thrones House DS106 Assignment Bank


OK so this assignment was somewhat of a headache because i could not figure out how to create the image itself. But let me first start off by saying that I love Game Of Thrones and this show is by far my favorite show to watch on television hands down a 10 out of 10. The concept of creating my own house was dope to me. That is the reason why this assignment caught my attention. So the process to create my house began there, but let me also add that I have a family house that has been establish already so that part was easy.

Let me first start off why this was a headache. The headache itself came from creating the image of my family house. I could not decide if I wanted to use Photoshop to have a custom image, or the website they suggested in the tutorial but the website did not have any African emblems so that was a no go. I tried Photoshop but Photoshop proved to be a little bit to complicated for such a simple task. Then my cousin suggested to use a Photo editing website called Fotor which proved to be simple enough to use and gave me what I wanted which was simplicity.

Now let me explain my house house Dente. Dente is my last name which is a Ghanaian last name. The symbol is a Adinkra symbol which is also a Ghanaian symbol the symbol means “Supremacy Of God”. The meaning of the Symbol is also my house motto Supremacy Of God which can be interpreted as God First so you can see I thought a lot about this and I kept it cultural. In summing this project up at the end of the day I loved doing it and taking the time out to really think about what I was creating.


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