Thoughts On “A Domain of One’s Own”

When watching Audrey Watters on YouTube, I was impressed with her speech. Technology has advanced so much and we use it in many different ways. Some people do depend on technology too much and they should not think that it is the answer to everything because it’s not. I was also amazed with Audrey’s story, how she made posted a blog and there were many people that were supporting her during her darkest times. It shows that she build a community that bring people together and that’s how it should be. Technology is something that should bring people together that love and support one another, that is what people should see in technology.

One thought on “Thoughts On “A Domain of One’s Own””

  1. The ds106 community was one most important connections I made in my career. They’re such a wonderful group, encouraging that anyone can make creative work, figure out how to work with new tools, and always be around to give feedback!

    Hope see some of that potential in this class or in another community you find around the types of work you’re interested in.

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