For this Ds 106 assignment I had to make a Lyric Snippet for a small portion of a song. I chose the song R.O.D by G-Dragon featuring Lydia Paek. First I cut the audio of the song to the last chorus because it has english in this part. The rest of the song is in Korean which I can’t translate because I don’t know Korean! So I made this video by using Sony Vegas Pro 10 once again. I edited the lyrics more by separating them to come in at different times and I added the gaussian blur effect to them as well. I also added background pictures but I didn’t animate them because I wanted the lyrics to stand out more. I also added colorful overlays to the entire video for aesthetic appeal. In the end this is how it came out!

2 thoughts on “R.O.D”

    1. Thanks a lot! I definitely could have done similar effects for my first lyric video but it takes a lot longer to do those effects for a 4 minute video. I like editing shorter videos more because after a while if its too long I start to get bored or I just wanna finish it fast. And yes I did check out “kinetic type”, it looks really professional and fun to try out.

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