“A Domain of One’s Own”

I found this line, “Perhaps because academia doesn’t do a good job of hyping its achievements.” to be very important in identifying one of the main differences between the Tec industry and the Ed Tec industry. I immediately thought of the company, Apple, which spends almost 1 billion dollars every year advertising and hyping their products. Most Tec companies have the budget to hype their achievement. However, in academia, this isn’t the case. As Watters argues, t’s not that there is no innovation in academia, it’s more about there being a lack of marketing and advertising in academia.

The last paragraph under “Scale” is thought provoking and scary because I had never thought of Google of google having access to my calendar plans, search history, and especially scary–the places i’ve traveled to and from by using Google maps. Domain of one’s name allows us to have more control who have access to our personal information and even provoke us to think more about how we use the web and who benefits from our information. As Watters say, we often shrug and just agree to the terms of condition without realizing that we just agreed to handing over our personal information and data to companies.

One thought on ““A Domain of One’s Own””

  1. Your average ToS is pretty insane and of course never read by probably 99.999% of people. It’s not realistic given the legalease that they’re written in. But if you think about why they write an overly complex ToS, you start to realize that there are pieces they don’t what the average user to know and think about.

    My general philosophy has been an “eyes-wide-open” one with web services and the ToS. I know they’re using my data and keeping it forever. So it does impact how I choose to use or not use various services.

    I don’t Facebook. I do Twitter, but mostly for work/art purposes. I do Tumblr, but back everything up. I do blog on my domain of my own. And there’s more. And it constantly evolves too.

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