2nd Post: Assignment I’d like to do

This assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/multiply-yourself/ where you multiply yourself in a photograph seems really cool. As someone who enjoys photography, it’s a technique I’d like to learn and experiment with.


I imagine that a photography editor/ software programme is needed to add this ‘clone’ effect and multiple photographs must first be taken. I would like to know what editors are needed and how to use them so that I, too, can add this effect to my photographs.

2 thoughts on “2nd Post: Assignment I’d like to do”

  1. The clone effect would work for repeating the same pose of a character in one image. This requires three different poses, so three different images.

    Though this is a fun way to pull this off with a friend using the pano feature of an iPhone. You basically have a person running around in space while pause between pans. Here’s an example:

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