Playing With Different Photo Apps












I played around with a couple apps from Color Pop, Prisma, ImgPlay
and GifX in the app store. Most are photo editors and others are like gif creators.

I created the Gif using the photo editing apps Prisma, GifX  and use IMGplay to make it a Gif to get this outcome. I had a lot of fun creating these and had some great feedback. GifX is like a video layer which created the motion in the gif of the girl in a field . It felt like a dream sequence and this is why I chose it. I played with the filters in Prisma to create the first  I like the aesthetic of it. The first photo filter is called Paper Ar.

I chose both themes based off me watching The Twilight Zone and I wanted it to be a bit “off” or maybe creepy as my mom says. What’s creepier than a porcelain doll ? Through tedious work I finally uploaded my Gif ! I had to upload it to and paste the link into the post and Look my creation !

The last picture is the original photo!




2 thoughts on “Playing With Different Photo Apps”

  1. Great job experimenting with a variety of tools. I really like bouncing an image from app to app, until I’m happy with the result. I had a friend ask me through Tumblr how I’d made this image, and I tried my best to describe it in the limited reply field.

    Try and keep the remix going from app to app and let us know how it goes.

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