Why a Domain Of One’s Own?

What inspired me the most from Audrey Watters speech is that she mentions her personal life and how she used technology to find a way to cope. She mentions how she found a community that helped her cope with her situation better than anyone on her campus did. I found this inspiring because she stresses the importance of communication in technology.  She also mentions the importance of why she believes a Domain of our own is so important because she sees how companies use our weakness in being ignorant towards technology and want us to trust them with what could be important information.  I agree with her point about having a domain of our own it gives us a sense of power and control, with this, we can feel like we can change our future and not let someone else do it for us.

One thought on “Why a Domain Of One’s Own?”

  1. You and a number of other students have really appreciated her personal story. It’s really a wonderful way to frame the larger narrative about personal control, privacy, and large corporations managing your data.

    What would you more control over than your personal story?

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