Re: A Domain of ones own

At first I thought that this would be a boring documentary, but it turned out to be quite interesting. At first, the professor proceeded to show slides of things that didn’t even exist. But what caught my eye was when she started to reveal Google’s secrets. We all know that Google has several different functions such as Google maps, docs, drive, classroom and mail. The professor explains that because google has these free cloud based products, they don’t suffer from criticism when it comes to the education aspect. This I can agree with. No student has ever been penalized for using google’s educational instruments. The professor does however reveal googles more secret projects that are being invented within “Google X”. These include programs such as Google Contact Lens, Project Loon (which is my personal favorite), and Google Brain. This was my favorite part of the lecture because she briefly explained google’s innovative secrets that are absolutely phenomenal and can actually bring great advancement if and when they go public

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