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Most of us think little about this. We shrug. We agree to the Terms of Service without reading them, often meaning we’ve agreed to hand over our data, to give up control over what’s done with it. We acquiesce more and more of our privacy. In doing so, we’re assured, technology will give us access to better stuff, to more “innovation.”

This paragraph stood out to me most throughout the transcript. I put little thought into the terms and agreements and never thought about handing over my privacy. We give our lives to the internet and we go right along with it. I like the idea behind”A Domain of Ones Own” in generating our own identity and being in control of what we want exposed and having a say in owns it and basically having that ME factor back and ultimately freedom.

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  1. God I hate the ToS of almost every web service that I’m forced to accept. I say forced because you basically can’t function on the web without having numerous accounts/presences through so many different web spaces.

    I never read them either. They intentionally make them “unreadable” to the average person. There’a non-profit which tries to spell out some of the more problematic statements in each service’s ToS. You should check it out.

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