Mr. Sandman

I’m the type of person who has extremely vivid dreams, call me Lovecraft.

I decided to combine two assignments from DS106. Take any image and change the color & Write about a dream.

My dream was long and extremely confusing because it consisted of other dreams, apparently I was having an Inception moment.

I was on a cruise ship  somewhere tropical almost reaching my destination. I could actually already hear the cheering coming from the crowds of people awaiting our arrival when suddenly my phone goes off and wakes me up! I look at the phone and my mother was calling me. She warned me about a storm and urged me to come to her house before it hit so that I was with her and my sisters and not alone with no food(as of course MY mother would know is the case).

I quickly get ready and step out of my house grabbing my keys and my metrocard. As soon as I open the door to my apartment, which is on the ground floor of a New York City building, I step onto a boardwalk. The scenery is so beautifully eerie. In my dream it is very clear to me that it is night time although the sky is a VERY bright royal blue color.  The tide is extremely high leaving me a very small walkway in the sand, but the water is very still and calm keeping my feet dry.

The water itself is very dark almost as if the sky doesn’t reflect against it. The moonlight is almost irrelevant because the sky is so vivid. I get to the street and hop in a cab to my mothers house where I end up waking up again in my bed when the car door slams.

Below is a picture that I found on Google of the night sky that I changed to match my dream a little better.



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