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This is a tutorial which serves as an introduction to Photoshop which will allow you to complete a couple different assignments from the ds106 repository – Pop Star Out of Place and I’m Ready for My Closeup.

With the help of the class we chose the pop star assignment and yes someone encouraged the use of Britney Spears. And there was a fair amount of consensus that she’d be out of place at a church. We worked with two images – Britney and the choir. And this was the final result:


I don’t know maybe see would have fit in?

The Photoshop basics that are covered in the tutorial can be used for a lot of different basic image editing applications:

  • image size/pixel dimensions
  • copy paste an image to have two images in Photoshop creating a second layer
  • organizing layers, selecting layers, making layers visible/not visible
  • Resizing with the transform tool. Maintain the aspect ratio by holding the shift key.
  • Basics of keyboard modifiers: spacebar (hand to move in an image), spacebar+command (magnify in), spacebar+command+option (magnify out)
  • Move tool to move a selected layer
  • Lasso to create a selected area
  • Eraser tool to erase parts of a layer
  • Image Resize to prepare a good size for posting to the web
  • Export to the web and working with the JPG format

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