After watching Beneath the Cobblestones, “A Domain of One’s Own” I learned why having a domain of your own is important. Number one reason why is because you create your own personal space. Creating a domain allows you to create whatever you want on your website. She talks about how blogging helped her get through a rough time in her life. I believe it’s a form of self expression. She also explains how google tracks everything and stores all of our information which we all already know but she talks about not limiting ourselves to google.

One thought on “Privacy”

  1. Really well chosen meme. I’m so glad to see you and many other students inspired by the themes addressed and philosophical underpinnings which the domain of one’s own project is about. It was a big influence on my career as a professor when I discovered it five years ago.

    It emboldened a move back toward experimental arts and emergent technology, which had been more of a hallmark of my early work.

    We’re going to start with the domain project this week. Looking forward to seeing what you build.

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