Photo App Edits

So I chose 3 different pictures to edit using photo apps I downloaded on my phone. One picture is of my kitten Simba, I edited this picture by using the app PhotoLab. Using that app I was able to add a special background to my picture, so Simba is on all the big TV screens in Tokyo. It’s such a cute effect I really like it.


The next picture I edited was a Nathan Drake picture I got off the web. I used the app Fotorus to edit the picture. I applied the defog and firework effect and adjusted the shadow and warmed the color temperature. Then I used the water color painting effect and blurred the background only. After that using a different app which is PhotoLab I added the pop art style effect giving it more of a painted cartoon look.


The last picture I edited was another picture I pulled from the web. It’s Ruki from The GazettE, so with this picture I used the firework effect again from FotoRus. Then I applied the birds double exposure effect from PhotoLab.


To me it’s fun editing pictures using different photo apps. And I’ll probably keep doing it cause its not hard at all to do. It’s like a little side hobby.

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