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So earlier I posted my first ds106 assignment and I chose Create a Movie Barcode, which was fun! Then I stumbled across a submission by Kenny Campbell, which was to create and print a 3D vehicle. What?!! I would absolutely love to learn how to do that. I know it would be a lot of work and preparation depending on size, and design but I would still be interested in looking into how to do this. I just think it’s so dope! Like you can design and 3D print your own idea…that’s awesome.


Here is the link for the assignment:

3D Printing

If anyone has completed this assignment let me know how you did it, how it turned out and how your experience was. Thanks!


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  1. 3D printing is something I wish we could touch on in this class. But it’s definitely done in CT 137 Hacking and Building! It’s a class in which students work with basic electronics, 3d modeling and printing, as well as working with micro-controllers (devices that accept simple programming for sensors and LEDs). Lot’s of fun!

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