3D fun!!

l3D images are really cool and brings me back to my childhood. I remember going to the movie theater and watching 3D movies (Jurassic Park). They look so real and life-like that it seems you’re in the movie with them. I really wanted to try this, but most times it was done on photo shop (which I didn’t have). I am happy to find an app that does 3D images which is 3d effect.

I chose a picture to create a 3D image on. I chose a picture with my two young cousins because I thought it would be cool to show them the end result and I think they will be amazed by it.

This is the original picture:

imageAnd this was the results I got with the app:



One thought on “3D fun!!”

  1. Hey I have proper red and blue 3D glasses in my office which you can try and see how well this worked! This really works best when you take a two photos of the exact same thing from just a few inches from left and right (the distance between eyes).

    Try it with a shot of a sculpture or statue. And then you can create not just these red/blue anaglyphs, but you could make a wiggle stereograph. There not to hard to make and I could show you! Here’s an example:

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