Why a Domain of One’s Own?

Audrey Watters states that a domain of one’s own is the most interesting and most innovative thing. She mentions that Google does not really talk about innovation as being something that happens within an education institution.

“As Google has grown the implications are becoming more and more serious. political, economic, technological, scientific, cultural and their global. Google looks less and less like a library catalog.”

I completely agree with her on this as an avid Google user. My phone is stock Android, I create school projects within Google docs, Google sheets, etc. It is very technological because I can work on the go which is very helpful for me working a full-time job and going to school.

Google is nothing at all like a library catalog, where you have to go with a general idea of the topic you are researching, go through the heavy physical books you find on that topic and read through. While on the other hand you can search a question and Google will generate search results based on that question. You can click through billions of links from your search results. Whether it be at home or on the go.

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