Smart phones as content creation tools

For this assignment we were able to use our smart phones to make old images much more fancy. We were able to play with the filters, the fonts and much more the apps had to offer. The app that I used to create my images was vaporwave. I honestly did not know we were able to that with our smart phones. I usually just use the filters that social media apps offer for example Instagram and snapchat. But these new apps i learned about today are actually pretty amazing. I didn’t even know that our smart phones were capable of doing things like this. So it is true “you learn something new everyday”.


The original

The first image i create was this one on top, I used an image from the web. I choose Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson because not only is he my favorite wrestler of all time, he’s a pretty good actor as well. The steps that I used to create this image will be listed below.

  1. First go to the appstore on your phone and download the app vaporwave.
  2. Next choose an image from your photo gallery or go on the internet and find a picture you like to play around with.
  3. After you find the picture that you like make sure you save it to your photo gallery and then open up the app and choose that image.
  4. Once you choose your image you can begin playing with it and adding different filters, colors, and etc.
  5. After you finish adding the filters you like make sure you save it to your phone gallery first, then you can publish it to the world and share it.

Another image that i created was this one below with Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart is my favorite comedian in the industry. One of the reasons why he is so unique is because of his short statue. img_1825

The original
The original

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