Domain of one’s Own: The Review

After reading Audrey Watters “Beneath the Cobblestones…A Domain of One’s Own”, it is clear she urges the reader to make their own blog or web page. Her views on being independent and creating something of your own, is inspiring. It daring the reader to not rely on websites like google so much and create your own brand that is run by you and not a corporation. Watters also talks about the loss of freedom, when you use Google programs like Google+ or it search engine. She discusses how we give Google information about us by using our data, like our web history, what we buy, what we are interested in and etc. I found her opinions to be interesting about how we give our information to google and I feel more excited about creating my own blog. I also learned what Domain of One’s Own is and MOOC.

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  1. So glad to see that you appreciated her work. Much of this class and ds106 is rooted in these philosophical discussions about control over personal information, data, and the web.

    Thought you’d like this old gif I made for that crowd:

    And if you’re interested you can read about how/why I got involved with ds106 a few years back.

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