A Domain of One’s Own Response

Reading the summary by Audrey Watters was very interesting. Audrey a writer and Education technologist has expressed the use of technology. The overall topic “A Domain of Ones Own Response” is a blog where we the creators can put together unique things that help make up our own domain name as well. I felt that out of the the key concepts Audrey Watters gave a brief synopsis on, innovation and magic were the two things that stood out to me in the reading. The innovation part of the reading was interesting because it explained how the domain was like our basic web digital identity. This was engaging to me because it gives me a boost in being creative in creating more content for my portfolio or future blog. Magic I found very intriguing because creating new content was and is considered magic when we represent our own domain that is expressed through the world of internet interaction. The magic concept not only taught me that but also the sense of connecting with other people as well.

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