A domain of one’s own: Reflection

After reading Audrey Watters’s presentation: Beneath the Cobblestone…A Domain of One’s Own, I was able to point out the important things she stated in her reading. There was couple of interesting things that I read from her reading. One thing that caught my attention from the reading is that when you try deleting something from the web it never deletes it’s still stored in there somewhere. I actually find that very interesting because when we post something on the web its on there forever. In the reading Audrey said ““Scale” is important too in how many of these new technologies work — how they work practically and how they work ideologically.” I thought that was a interesting quote from the reading because every thing now a days still has bugs to be fixed. A good example of that are phones when they are first released. They are never perfect at first they always have something that is wrong with it.

For those interested in reading about this I will place the link to the reading.


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  1. “Deleting” definitely has many meanings depending on which web space you are in. You can delete a tweet or a facebook post and your follower and friends will never see it. But the deleted tweet remains archived on twitter and facebook’s servers. They keep it “forever.”

    It’s one of the unique parts of building your own domain. The hosting company Reclaim Hosting will make backups of your site while you have an account, but once you delete something or discontinue the service, it’s gone forever. You have additional control over that space.

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