A Domain of One’s Own

In Audrey Watter’s Beneath the Cobblestone…A Domain of One’s Own, she repeats the innovation throughout her entire speech. This word stuck out to me as I feel she intended it to, for she wanted to stress the importance of innovation in regards of one’s own domain. With technology further increasing with the times, things constantly change with regards. Watter wanted the reader to want to be apart of this change and wanted them to go out and do it for themselves. She states, “I believe ‘A Domain of One’s Own’ is so important and so innovative — learn to seize these tools and build something for ourselves.” Watters believes that through having our own domain, we in tune can reclaim part of our identity. A powerful statement, in which I feel she is right in how business such as Google or other sites have our information(pieces of ourselves) and through having our own domain, we can fully control what is put out into cyberspace. Audrey Watter’s words have really made me think about all the information about me that are in cyberspace that could never be erased. She makes me to want to be more cautious that I already am, to think about how my digital identity comes up.

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