Honest Video Game Covers DS106 Assignment 2

In the DS106 assignment bank, I found an interesting assignment which asked me to redesign “untruthful” game covers or titles of games. I immediately thought of a few games which have confusing and misleading titles. In the end, I decided on the infamous Dark Souls series.


At first glance, this game appears to be set in medieval times where you play as the protagonist, a knight. The “dark” in Dark Souls may be a reference to the dark ages and “souls” may reference the lives that were lost during this time to famine, war and the bubonic plague.

What is it about this game cover that’s so misleading?

The game actually does have historical aspects with the weapons, armor, and architecture. However, it literally has nothing to do with knights or the Middle Ages. It’s a game that is deliberate in making the player die. There are items that are set for the sole purpose of baiting the player into
taking and dying to a monster around the corner, or a large fall. Players who have played this game reference throwing their controller due to the frustration the game brings.

For the redesign, I decided on something that would immediately spark fear for the player. I chose one of the more memorable bosses, Ornstein and Smough, who many players have had troubles with in the past. The title would be rewritten to something more fitting. Here is the result.

Dark Souls game cover Redesign
FromSoftware – Souls video game series

3 thoughts on “Honest Video Game Covers DS106 Assignment 2”

  1. Sounds like the game designers must have been lit up by players in various discussion boards. You linked to a version three in at the bottom. Is that the version that’s so impossible? Or did they actually try to make it better.

    Oh and your hot-linked image from another site is blocked. So sites don’t let you embed from their servers so you either need to download it and reupload the image to this site. Or find a site that doesn’t block embeds.

    1. The game designers have made it their job to make new content but also to retain the aspects of the old games. Each version is just as difficult as the last in one way or another. Dying is still a guaranteed occurrence so they definitely didn’t make the newer games easier. When players complained about a monster or event in the game as being too grotesque or too difficult, the designers went out of their way to bring it back in the next game in a different but memorable form. You are right about the players though. Many blamed the developers for every part of the game that they struggled with but then they were only laughed at by other players that could beat the game with ease or those who sought a challenge. At the time of the second game’s release, the Dark Souls franchise has already become one giant meme and the developers surely know that as well.

      For my assignment post, I meant to only discuss about the first game since the assignment only asked for a single game cover to be redesigned.

      I linked the game company’s site because I didn’t know how else to credit them for the post. On their site, it shows every iteration of the Souls video game franchise which includes Dark Souls.

      I’ll upload the image to the site and fix the link.

      1. Thanks for all the added context. Relationships between content developers and fans/users is so interesting these days. Fifty years ago Star Trek was cancelled after only two seasons, but die-hard fans successfully used a letter writing campaign to bring the show back for one more season. Think about how that may have played out in a blogosphere, podcast, Twitter, and Facebook universe. Fans today truly have the ability to influence content in really interesting ways.

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