What I like to learn

What I would like to learn is how to make a video where I am able to play two characters at once, while I’m on the video at the same time. I don’t know if it would ever be useful to my career, but it looks really cool to be able to do. An example of this is a video made by Tyler Gimple as he does a skit of him playing two characters at the same time. I know I will need to know how to use a camera, which I really have never been good with. I’m not knowledgeable on how to use technology to make a project like this, but I would love to try to learn.


One thought on “What I like to learn”

  1. This would be a fun one to do as a class I think. It’s a little complicated as it requires green screens or you can do one of the old fashioned split screens.

    But another one you could do that’s faster and kind of fun too is to work with panorama shooting in a smart phone. You need a partner, but the shooter of the pano let’s a character move through the frame before panning. I did this in my old office with a friend.

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