Something I Wish I Could Do Is….

Spoil A Movie In 30 Seconds Or Less I feel like I could do this assignment by using Sony Vegas. Getting the video together would be easy for me but I don’t really know how I’d record the audio. Especially because I don’t have a professional mic or other audio equipment. So that would be challenging because I would want it to sound natural and not like I used my phone to record my voice. It does seem like a fun assignment though especially because I’ve seen Youtube videos like this and they’re always really funny.

One thought on “Something I Wish I Could Do Is….”

  1. That’s a great assignment. Really asks you to consider what moments define a particular movie. Some cool thinking going on in that as well as some basic editing skills too.

    Another one that’s similar that I personally have always wanted to do is Full Movie GIFs. You take a film and reduce it to a sequence of 300-400 frames played in a GIF. Here’s the Matrix:

    It’s amazing how much you can follow if you know the film.

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