Lyric Vid

The Ds106 assignment I chose to do was Create A Lyric Video. So to complete this assignment I used the program Sony Vegas Pro 10. I chose the song Levitate by Hollywood Undead because its one of the american bands I actually listen to. So I used pictures of the band members from Google and used that as my background for my whole video. Plus I used different fonts to distinguish the members. I inserted transitions like the push effect and fading with some wiping. Also I put some overlays on top of the lyrics and pictures to add some movement to it so it wouldn’t be too plain. Originally I wanted to make a AMV but it takes me a really long time to complete even a 2 minute vid.

This is the lyric video I created.

4 thoughts on “Lyric Vid”

  1. I really like how this lyric video was edited. It was not one of those basic lyric video with a color background and words. You made it look very interesting with moving images and I really enjoyed that.

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