While I browsed Ds106 I came across this tutorial called ” Pop star out of place ” The first pop star although I’m not sure if he’s considered a pop star that came to mind was, Kanye west… On the train! Can you imagine him on the train? Because I can’t! I tried teaching myself how to cut out one of his pictures and making the image transparent in order to place it on a image of the NYC MTA but that was a fail. I’m not good at photoshop so I wish this is something I could of accomplished.

3 thoughts on “KEEPING UP WITH KANYE”

  1. To be able to remove the background for a piece of video is definitely a tough one. Removing it from a single frame is not too bad, but all the frames which make up a video (20-30) in this case involves “rotoscoping.” There a few memes out there that are made from this process. “Confused Travolta” is a great example. Someone erased the background from the scene in Pulp Fiction, and people have been placing him in all sorts of GIFs.

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