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Assignment : How it Should Have Been….

It shouldn’t have ending this way. Wally West, where did you go?

[Spoiler: If you are a fan of Young Justice and have not finished the second Season, be warned that there are  spoilers on how the story end in the next paragraph. Please do not proceed if you don’t not want spoilers.]

Caution you are not entering the Spoiler Zone

Comment: At the end of Young Justice Wally West sacrifices himself in order to save the world leaving behind close friends and family. Unfortunately that is where the creators of Young Justice ended the story and did not not continue. This made me very sad and I just can’t accept that he is really gone for good. In the process of denial I fantasized about his return from the unknown with the help of (dare I say it) and Original Character. If you are interested in go ahead and read and enjoy.

Here, But Not Here is Where I Should be

Disclaimer: I do not claim any rights to the DC Characters mentioned.

“I told you no to come.”

“And I told you I don’t need you to protect me.”

He heaved a deep sigh. “This is not about you needing my protection. This is about being smart about the situation.”

“I know that this is a trap, but you and both know that whatever happens I won’t fall for it. After all I am your daughter.”  She said.

“…” He just glared out over gotham from a top the building. “You must really not know…”  He looked over to her only to find air. 

“Hey are you ok? Miss are you ok?”

Poly took a deep breath and open her eyes. Where in the universe am I?…..

To be continued…

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