My name is JB. I decided to make a post to show you guys some of the fun posts I got the opportunity to make last semester before I had to drop pretty much all my classes last semester.

I made a couple posts that were fun to make and I thought I’d add them here so you all can see them.

My very first post was “Kathy Takes a Tumble.”

I titled it like so because of an old video called Scarlet Takes a Tumble. Maybe you’ll remember the gif? LMAO I can’t help but CACKLE every time I see thisstatgif

Another post was about a MountainDew commercial that I was OBSESSED with for the longest.  pmb

Third was a post about actors of Color and the appropriate opportunities that DO NOT INCLUDE BLACKFACE.

ca. May 2004 --- Zoe Saldana --- Image by © Andy Ryan/Corbis Outline

Lastly, My favorite project to do was create a story using photoshop based on the LEGEND OF THE GALIPOTE. which scared the shit out of me as a child growing up in the Dominican Republic. jb_cathouse

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