Charged Up !

2013dodgechargersxtwhite-l-bbf9f281a82a99a8Since my road test is a week from today, I thought I’d share my dream car. It is the 2013 Dodge Charger. I mean look at it. Its way out of my league! I especially love this model because it has a built in sound system powered by “Beats By Dr.Dre”. The interior is dark black leather and the car drives so smooth (especially in sport). I know that I might not be getting my hands on this car for a long time, I just had to share my car lust

One thought on “Charged Up !”

  1. Well that’s quiet the fantasy vehicle! My first car was not so grand. It was a very beat-up version of this 1972 Dodge Dart.

    Hey the linked assignment was not the one I think you intended. It’s to the “Playlist Poem,” which is also a great one to do. It was another one right?

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