If you ride the subway trains, you’ll come across something that annoys you. *BLASTS MUSIC* “ALRIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WHAT TIME IS IT?…SHOWTIME!” is one of those for me. When I first saw those guys perform it was cool because they were actually good and that was the first time. But when you constantly see them after a long day, especially if they aren’t any good, thats what annoys me. This pretty much sums up my reaction when I hear, “ITS SHOWTIME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!…”

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2 thoughts on “SHOWTIME!”

  1. Very appropriate reaction and a perfect story to compliment it. Thanks for linking to the assignment as well. What’s the source video? Who is that guy? Just curious. He looks like he’s operating a mixing board. From one of the evening talk shows?

    1. The source of the video is the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. The specific segment that this appears in is “Thank You Notes”. The guy thats in this GIF, playing the keyboard, is James Poyser. He’s one of the members of “the Roots” whom play for the Tonight Show.

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