What the Font?

In the DS106 assignment database I came across the “What the Font?” assignment, and I’ve always wondered how individuals create art works such as this and I’ve always been curious to learn. The way you can turn a story into an actual pictures, gives “bringing your reading to life” a whole new meaning. For this task I’m thinking that photoshop is heavily involved to create the art.

One thought on “What the Font?”

  1. What a really interesting assignment. It would definitely be fun to attempt this using a portrait, landscape, or a still life to work from. I’ll try to attempt a tutorial for this one. Personally I’d want to work in Illustrator which is for manipulating vector art, and if you didn’t know fonts are basically an organized set of vector profiles.

    It’s a really wonderful design challenge. Oh and if you’d like to look for fonts which you can download for free and install on the computer try dafont.com.

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