The sassiest animal ever – Lola


Her name is Lola de la Gannon Moran aka Lollie aka little bear. She is the sassiest little being that ever existed. Lola sleeps all day and if you try to wake her she will give you a look like how dare you wake me from my slumber. The only way she is a little happy about waking up is to eat but she is very picky. She will go on a huger strike for about 2 hour if she doesn’t like the food. She will eventually eat it because she stops caring whats in her bowl. She is the best because when you feel down she will try her best to get onto your bed and sleep right next to you. She would put her little nose under your hand and just comfort you thats why i chose this assignment.

P.S. She loves reading Vogue magazine not Glamour magazine,she will try to destroy the Glamour magazine.

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